Hey everyone!

So you guys all know of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, right?3rd Rock From the Sun, Brick, (500) Days of Summer, and more recently, Inception.Well, a long time ago he started this website – hitrecord .

Basically it’s an online collaborative art project. Anyone can upload text, video, audio, pictures (as long as it’s purely your own creation), anyone can use what other people upload in a project, and anyone can contribute to any project. It’s really a very cool, different site and to my knowledge there isn’t another one like it. So all you creative people should hit up the site, create an account, and go crazy. Creating an account takes no time at all and even if you don’t contribute anything, it’s cool to see what others are doing on here.

While you’re there you can pick up a poster for $15, a tshirt for $20, or The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories, and help spread the word of this great, creative site.


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