Traveling and Engagements

Lately I’ve been really wanting to go on a roadtrip. Not really sure why. I just want to go on a nice long trip and visit tons of places. One place specifically I have in mind is Seattle. It seems like a place I’d enjoy visiting.

I always wonder how people decide where they want to live permanently. I would want to scout out every state before settling to make sure I’m where I want to be. I don’t get the people who just stay in one place their whole lives. Especially everyone I know who’s been here their whole lives. Northwest Indiana seems like the most boring place on earth to me. Aside from Chicago, we have nothing (in my opinion).

I want to travel so bad. Not for my career – I do want to settle in one place eventually (I think), but I definitely want to visit nearly every state and quite a few other countries before then.

Oh, and want to give two shout outs –

One to my Aunt Janet who got engaged to Brad Kaiser after dating for a very long time! The date is set for Black Friday of this year!

My second shout out goes to Lee’s older brother, Cole McCollum, who just proposed to his gal yesterday! I think they’re aiming for May for the wedding!

And for the record, I didn’t take either of those pictures. I totally creeped their facebooks. Hope that was alright haha.

That’s it for now!


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  1. Aunt Janet

    Thanks for the shoutout Victoria!! That’s cool that you creeped my facebook! I love that pic! 🙂

    And I cannot believe how much you and I are alike. I have voiced those same thoughts you made. If money were not an issue…I would LOVE to travel the country, getting a taste of here and a taste of there and ultimately determining where it was I felt I wanted to set up home! And of course that would require some time abroad to check out that scene to see if it had any potential! You know, when Mary and I were teenagers we used to say we were never going to get married and have kids…that we were going to buy an RV and travel around the country together! Yeah…Aunt Mary ruined that when she went off to Hyles Anderson! LOL

    Also, I’ve been to Seattle 3 times. The last job I had was actully doing work for the Research Department at the University of Washington there. I loved Seattle! Cleaner than Chicago. So much to do…so friendly…so active!

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