If I could do anything…

Sometimes I wish money didn’t matter. Actually, a lot of times I wish money didn’t matter. I especially wish it now, though, as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life as far as a career. It seems like all of my interests are more like hobbies and I could never make a living off of them.

If it were up to me – if I could do absolutely anything – this is what I would want to do (at least for now, my interests always seem to change with my mood):

I would study philosophy and creative writing. I then would go to some sort of culinary school so I could learn to cook really really well. I’ve always been fairly good at it and would love to get even better. From there I would spend my time writing and taking art classes at various places because I’ve always been interested in learning how to draw and paint well. I would probably also try to take classes in photography and sewing too. I would also somehow use my interest in music, not sure how. Then I would just spend my time writing, drawing, painting, taking pictures, cooking, sewing clothes, playing piano and possibly guitar (if I ever stop sucking at it), and possibly making money off one or more of those things. I also would travel a lot, but I’ve already gone on about that before. That would be the dream life for me. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

Sorry for the rambling, boring nature of this post!


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  1. Aunt Janet

    Sounds like an awesome and fulfilling life! So,,,,what is Lee going to school for?? LOL

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