Merry (belated) Christmas.


I love Christmas. Well, I more love the Christmas season. It’s a beautiful thing to see just about everyone decorate and get excited about one thing – it’s so unifying. Yes, there are other holidays that are nationally celebrated, but none of them can compare to Christmas. Everywhere you go, Christmas music fills the air, there are trees neatly decorated, and strings of lights brightly gleaming. I love that there are so many things that are uniquely Christmas that you only come across this time of year. We have all our Christmas music, our Christmas movies, our Christmas decorations, our Christmas stories and books, and even Christmas food. When you drive past the park and see the trees all dressed up and lights strung everywhere, it just makes you feel happy.

One thing that’s sort of weird (for me at least) is the day after Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving until December 25th we are bombarded with Christmas left and right and it’s exciting and fun, but when the day after comes, it’s almost gloomy in a way. It seems odd to see the Christmas trees still up, to hear Christmas music still playing in some stores, and finishing up the last of the eggnog. It’s not about Christmas being too commercial or superficial, it’s more about knowing that something is over that you just spent a month of your life thinking about and preparing for.

I don’t have any deep way of defining or ending this post. Oh well.

The new year approaches and I’m really excited for 2011.


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