Back To School

Back to telling every teacher at least twice that I go by Tori, not Victoria, and that’s T-o-r-i…not Torie, Tory, Torrie, Torey, etc. etc.

Back to buying an entire pack of pens on the first day and somehow losing them all in a week.

Back to staying up late, waking up early, and being grumpy until at least noon.

Back to promising myself that I will never cram or procrastinate homework/studying, but losing that drive after a couple weeks.

Back to making lunches for school so that I won’t have to overpay for unhealthy, gross food.

Back to doodling intricate works of art on the backs of notebooks.

Back to snoozing my alarm until the last possible minute and then rushing around like a crazy person to leave on time.

Back to wondering why you always have that one teacher who clearly hates teaching, but somehow keeps doing it for 20 years.

Back to trying to figure out why, after 8 years, do I not have a desk to do my homework at.

Back to watching the weather channel intently whenever it snows, hoping for a snow day.

Back to having to choose only 2 of these 3 things: good grades, social life, and enough sleep (seriously, you can’t possibly have enough time for all 3!)



All that being said, I’m excited to start school at Purdue University Calumet on Monday. Finally on my way to a career. Majoring in Secondary English Education and probably going to add two minors (French and Math), if anyone cares to know.






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One response to “Back To School

  1. Cara!

    Hahaaaa. Yep, that’s college.
    You should take pictures of your intricate doodles and send them to me, and I’ll send mine to you.

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