The Music Industry Is Either Dead Or Dying

A fan asked Josh Dies (lead singer of Showbread) the reason he thought the music industry is dead. This was his response (and I agree with him)…

“Illegal downloading has all but destroyed the music industry. today the best selling artists in the world sell about 2 or 3 million copies of their records. when i was in highschool it wasn’t at all unusual for popular artists to sell 20-30 million.
stealing has also crippled the attention spans of listeners. music “fans” have nothing invested in music because they steal it or download it with a click and as a result they often feel no attachment to the art and won’t support it live or follow it. when people had to seek out information on their favorite artists and then drive to a store and purchase a physical album if they wanted to hear anything from it, they invested a part of themselves in the process. this investment is by and large forgotten today.
people have come to believe they are entitled to free art and become agitated when it is implied or suggested that something that cost a lot of money to make should be worth money.
more and more big artists are giving up on touring and making albums because there are few ways to fund something that won’t pay for itself. record labels and concert venues are going out of business left and right.
it’s dead.”



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5 responses to “The Music Industry Is Either Dead Or Dying

  1. Aunt Janet

    Very insightful and logical. I can see how this is true.

  2. Cara!

    Hm. Well I steal music all the time. I actually prefer to have the actual CD, but if I can get it for free, then why not? (If it’s a band that I REALLLY like, then I will buy the CD no matter what.)

    Plenty of bands are still touring and making CD’s. I don’t think stealing music is as bad as he makes it sound. You are creating more fans when you share your music with people.

  3. brandon

    I think the music should be free. it weeds out the BS artists. before records, how did musicians make their money? live performance. I think you’d agree that live music is amazing and usually/should be better than studio recordings. I think if anything, artists should release their music for free or by donation only and make the majority of their music through touring. if they’re good enough, making a living off of tours is not impossible at all

  4. @Brandon It’s ironic that you say that because the band this guy is a part of just had a free album and a free tour that accepted donations. It’s just incredibly hard to actually make a living from that. Everyone in the band has side jobs and two of the guys lived with one of the other guys and his wife. I just don’t think that people ought to steal music is all, I suppose. Also, if I did have to go seek out artists and go out and buy an actual physical cd whenever I wanted music, I think my dedication to some of these artists would go up and I’d feel more attachment for the music.

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